45 800 000 Public Speaking Tips

45, 800, 000 Public Speaking Tips

45,800,000 Public Speaking Tips

I did the searches for you. Maybe I shouldn�t have because it totally changed what I was going to write. Here�s why.

Youtube �public speaking tips,� and you get 241,000 results. That�s a lot of tips. Google the same and you�ll see 45,800,000 results. Ditto times 190.

And then I thought, �Just what is a tip?� So, I did dictionary searches and my jaw hit the couch like Wiley Coyote blown away one more time by the Road Runner. Couch? Well, I write on my left elbow (the same way the Last Supper actually happened; see Roman tradition). Not a single dictionary listed �a hint or help on how to do something.� Nope. Not in a single one. Urban Dictionary had a cool one, though. �When someone dyes the ends of her hair a different color than the rest of their hair. �Look at that girl. She just got her tips done.�

public speaking is play not work

Don�t practice, practice, practice. Yes, you have to know what you are going to say essentially and not �wing it,� but if you really want to tune with listeners PLAY. Avoid memorizing or scripting yourself. Allow the parts of your brain that do the best communication have a chance to light up and cut through the walls between you and any listener. It is this that allows you to be authentic. When you memorize or script, your self-monitoring pre-frontal lobes keep you in check and steal who you really are as a unique personality with unique ways of expressing ideas. The real hazard and a major reason you get nervous? Exactly that.

Look, you do it all the time anyway. Why not let it happen as a speaker? Let me ask you. Is it possible to prepare for a conversation? No, and you never need to because conversation is play. The element of play that is at work? - you do not know what is going to happen next. That�s why we love it and need it to survive. We play just for the sake of playing.

Stewart Brown says, �The opposite of play is not work. The opposite of play is depression. It�s essential to our well being to take a few minutes each day to laugh and play like the child we once were. Brown also says, �Play shapes our brain, helps us foster empathy�and is at the core of creativity and innovation.�

As a speaker who scripts, you are setting yourself up to be nervous trying to remember the next word or sentence, the �uh�s� and �um�s� come out when you can�t recall, the sweat increases, embarrassment is birthed, and the desire to flee may slap you in the face. You may just want to sit down, shut up, and be still.

Know that speaking is a conversation. Pay as much if not more attention to what is going on with your listeners in that very moment than you do to yourself or your speech. The speech you �planned� will get done, but it will get done far more powerfully and you will be far more relaxed and authentic. When you script or memorize, you simply cannot do this and the best part of you is stolen. Prepare from an empathetic point of view not a self-centered one.

If you are daring enough to try it, you will be shocked at just what you can do � as shocked as I was to learn just what a tip isn�t.

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